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Monstercraft Donations
For however long I've owned the server up until I pass away I will always keep the domain name, and the hosting for the actual server current. That much I can keep going my self. What I would like to ask from the community is to help out with promotion, and click here. I will myself will be putting a lot of money in for promotion in the near future, but as I said before it would be nice to get some help from the community, even if it is just 10$. Every little bit will help get our name out.

Other things to do to help promote
  • Also keep on Voting
  • post on...
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I love this place, I would hate to see it go. Any legacy players who would like to see things up and running again. hit us up, and let us know what you can do. Check out the new Staff Application, Dynmap, and Ranks page's. more to come!!