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by joshvanman at 1:35 PM
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Okay, I haven't decided exactly what it will be, but I'll give away something for whoever can build the best steampunk type robot. The prize will probably be something like a couple million in game cash, rank, pstones. Then when it comes time to judge them, we will display them around spawn. Here is example of what I'm thinking about, of course you'd have to recreate it to fit minecraft, but just to give you an idea.

Let the building begin ! =)
by joshvanman at 10:17 AM
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Feel free to add, or debate what I have in mind to implement.

I have a few idea's for games, and I know a few other staff members do as well.
  1. Monstercraft portal that can bring you through the different servers that have been created sense the start of the server.Project
  2. in-game achievable ranks
  • Ranks won't be paid for, but achieved in-game. Items that can be used in game for those ranks will be possibly paid for.
  • player profile online that reflects in-game achievements.
on-line reading of what our server has to offer in terms of ranks, packages, games , and storyline.

We will keep the old ranks, and worlds, but I would like to see something new and fresh come from this stagnation. I'll write more when I'm not at work.